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“We booked for lunch to celebrate a birthday.From the moment we walked in to the time we left,all the staff were attentive and helpful. Two of the group had starters (antipasto and lamb kofters) others chose to have desserts (boy weren’t we glad we did!!). Mains were steaks,trio of lamb, chicken breast and broccoli,leek and mushroom pancakes. All were excellent, sides were plenty.Desserts were raspberry & white chocolate roulade and cheesecake. Excellent, there was nothing to be unhappy with and lots to shout about. Give them a try,2 courses for £10 is a bargain with this standard of food.We will definitely be going back!!!” –Val G, Newport

“Our mid week surprise was a meal out at the Stuffed Dormouse. It was wonderful. We didn’t opt for the choice of animal steaks from a variety of safari animals preferring the £10 for two courses. We each tried different meals and none was disappointed as each was served to perfection.
An affordable treat that we will indulge in often.” – NormaJulie, Newport

“I have been to this restaurant two times in the past and booking again in the future – this is due to the restaurant being fantastic! All meals have been exceptional here along with the warm and welcoming service provided by their staff. Going to this restaurant makes me feel very “classy” without having to pay extortionate prices! The menus provided are always full with great choices and with a 2 for £10 deal it’s hard not to book to separate sittings in one evening! Really can not wait to book again for the end of the month and bring friends to experience the great food here!” – Jessica H, Newport