Starters £4.50

Homemade soup of the day with baked bread

Creamy garlic mushrooms over toasted bread

Duck and port pate with red onion chutney

Pan fried prawns with chorizo served on a bed of fresh salad

Main Course

Pork steak with apple coleslaw

Tagliatelle carbonara

BBQ marinated chicken breast

Hand Cut British Rib-eye Steak (approximately 8oz)

Pan fried seabream with red pepper jus

Vegetarian dish of the day

Stuffed dormouse homemade burger

Homemade Hand Cut Chips, Baked Potato, Or Garlic and Herb Buttered New   Potatoes


        Baked Bread      £1.95          Sautéed Garlic Mushrooms         £2.95

       Cheesy Garlic Bread       £3.50          Asparagus & Green beans          £3.50

       Garlic Bread                £2.95          Onion Rings                           £2.95

       Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread £3.50          Dressed Side Salad                £2.50

                               Garlic Bread Platter (½ Cheesy, ½ Chilli & ½ Plain)               £4.50

                                               Sauces: £3.25

                                             – Creamy Peppercorn Sauce

                                             – White Wine & Stilton Sauce

                                             – Garlic Mushroom Sauce


For booking of 8 or more  we required a deposit of £5 per person not refundable to be paid within 48 hours.

If we do not receive any deposit the booking will be  cancelled without further  notice.

  • What can i say :-) first time we visited, and I've got to say this is now my favourite restaurant...!
    Michelle S, Newport