House Specials

You can choose how big you want your steak:

  • Fillet £2.50 an ounce – Comes from the most tender cut of beef, also known as the tenderloin. It has a melt in the mouth texture with very little fat which makes it the most desirable.
  • Sirloin £1.50 an ounce – The sirloin steak comes from a joint called the strip-loin. A juicy cut with a strip of fat along the top of the steak which adds flavour to the beef.
  • Rib-eye £1.50 an ounce – The rib-eye happens to be a very flavoursome steak with a juicy eye of fat within the meat. Some of the fat will melt out during cooking helping to leave the meat very tender.

(Minimum of 6 ounces)

All served with a salad and a choice of potatoes.


  • What can i say :-) first time we visited, and I've got to say this is now my favourite restaurant...!
    Michelle S, Newport