Exotic Meats Menu

We offer various exotic meats (all steaks approximately 8oz) including:

  • Bison Rib-eye Steak          £22.50
  • Camel Haunch Steak         £19.95
  • Crocodile Fillet                   £16.95
  • Horse Sirloin Steak            £14.95
  • Kangaroo Fillet Steak        £14.95
  • Llama Fillet Steak               £16.95
  • Wild Boar Loin Steak         £16.95
  • Zebra Fillet Steak               £19.95

If you are feeling adventurous you can sample a piece of each of the exotic meats on our famous King-size Skewer for £27.95

Try our Four Meat Skewer with four meats of your choice for £17.95

If you are feeling brave, try our Roulette Skewer where we choose four meats and tell you what they are after you try them for £15.95

All of the exotic meats are served with salad and a choice of potatoes.

  • What can i say :-) first time we visited, and I've got to say this is now my favourite restaurant...!
    Michelle S, Newport