About Us


A very warm welcome awaits you at The Stuffed Dormouse.

The Stuffed Dormouse Restaurant and bar was launched in December 2012 with the aim of doing something totally different to the other many eateries in the Newport and surrounding area.

We like to offer a relaxed experience and hope to serve meals that are well cooked and presented at a cost that suits everyone’s budget.

Hence our Name……

We came up with the idea of calling it “The Stuffed Dormouse” not just because of the Roman connection to Caerleon but because of our ethos of serving something a little different at a lower cost than our competitors.

During the Roman era, only people with higher statuses were able to dine on Fresh Meat and Fish etc so the lower classes had to eat other meat products and the stuffed Dormouse became a delicacy to them.

Our Menu changes nearly every day so we don’t freeze or re-heat any of our meals. We keep it all fresh and bought from Local suppliers when possible.

  • What can i say :-) first time we visited, and I've got to say this is now my favourite restaurant...!
    Michelle S, Newport